Will you say YES to a month off?

It's a yes from me!

Factory farming is the largest source of animal cruelty in the world. It also damages human health and devastates the planet. In 2021, we have all seen the devastating impacts of climate change, with wildfires raging across the world – in America, Australia, Europe and Siberia – unlocking extreme carbon pollution. So now is the time to act. All of us – whether we’re meat-eaters, flexitarians, vegetarians or vegans – must come together and truly make this a turning point. 

Sign up to Say YES to LESS and you’ll receive the help and encouragement you need to accelerate the food revolution... not forgetting some mouth-watering recipes we just know you’ll love.  And you'll be saying yes to less cruelty, less suffering, less deforestation, less carbon emissions, less risk of pandemics, and less factory farming.

Go on.
Put more plants on your plate.
Drop out of the factory farming system.
And help save the planet.
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