Tell Doncaster Racecourse to stop hosting cruel reptile markets

At Doncaster Reptile Show, thousands of wild animals are trapped for hours in cramped, stressful conditions that cause immense suffering, all to meet the demand for exotic pets.

Tell Doncaster Racecourse to cancel cruel wildlife markets at their venue. Post your message to their social media channels this weekend.

Doncaster Racecourse doesn’t want bad publicity. If enough of us tell them to end these inhumane wildlife markets, they’ll have to act. Post your message to their social media channels this weekend.


Action 1 - Add any of these comments below to Doncaster Racecourse's Facebook page.

We've noticed that Doncaster Racecourse have hidden some comments, which shows the message is getting through. Please continue to comment on their posts.

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Doncaster Racecourse, please cancel live reptile markets at your venue. This animal cruelty needs to end and you have the power to stop it.

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As someone who lives nearby, I am ashamed to see wild animal markets still happening in 2021. Please Doncaster Racecourse, change your mind, and cancel these events.

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Reptiles don't deserve to be crammed into tiny boxes and flogged like merchandise. Please use your power to end these horrendous wild animal markets at Doncaster Racecourse.

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