Take the responsible tourist pledge

Want to see wildlife on holiday? You’re not alone.

But did you know that wild animals around the world are facing a lifetime of suffering, just to entertain tourists?

If you can hug, ride, touch or take a photo with a wild animal, the chances are it has suffered some kind of cruelty.

That's why we're asking people to sign our Responsible Tourism Pledge, committing to avoid these cruel venues whilst traveling.

The reality of wildlife tourism

Recently released undercover footage has exposed the hidden reality of the physical and psychological trauma that elephants are put through for tourist entertainment – a lifetime of horror for a ‘once in a lifetime’ holiday experience. 

Warning: distressing content 

The video makes for very difficult viewing. It includes eight young elephants being: 

  • forcibly taken from their mothers
  • tied to wooden structures while beaten repeatedly
  • walking hobbled in chains

We are continuing our work to protect wild animals from cruelty in the name of entertainment.