Stop TUI Group profiting from dolphin cruelty now

Captive dolphins are subjected to horrific conditions and suffer every single day of their lives.

You can help us stop this cruelty now by signing our petition. Tell TUI to stop profiting from dolphin captivity.

As one of the world's largest travel companies, they are still selling tickets to 25 dolphin venues affecting approximately 400 dolphins.

We need to end this now: Say no to using dolphins for holiday entertainment.

Dolphins kept in captivity for entertainment purposes suffer for a lifetime.  

They spend their days trapped in tiny tanks that are around 200,000 times smaller than their home range in the wild. Some captive dolphins never see sunlight while others are given no shade so they are always in view. A captive dolphin's daily routine includes performing tricks for tourists in return for food - dead, frozen fish. They are subjected to loud noises and repetitive interaction with throngs of tourists, day in day out for the rest of their lives. 

Exploiting dolphins for entertainment is distressing and traumatising for the animals involved. This is an industry built on suffering. It’s no way for a wild animal to live. 

Why does TUI Group persist in supporting and profiting from these exploitative captive dolphin holidays?

What can be done?

Together we can make a great difference. Travel companies including Expedia Group, Virgin Holidays, TripAdvisor, British Airways Holidays, and Thomas Cook have cut ties with the cruel captive dolphin industry, so why not TUI?

We need to tell them that it’s time to stop profiting from dolphin suffering. 

Together we can stop the cruelty and stop captive dolphin tourism. 

Sign our petition today and tell TUI Group to stop selling and promoting captive dolphin entertainment!