Sign our petition - Call for an end to factory farming

Right now, in the UK, factory farming is inflicting untold misery on billions of animals. This immense cruelty isn’t ‘another place’ problem, it’s our problem.

In the last five years, the UK has seen an increase in factory farming, with 80% of farmed animals in the UK being reared in factory farms. The UK government claims its welfare standards protect animals from cruelty. But in reality, on factory farms near you, animals are suffering horrifically.

From the moment they’re born to the moment they die, these animals only know a life of cruelty and suffering.

But with your help, we can forge a new, sustainable way forward for UK farming, one that works for farmed animals, the environment, and serves to reduce expensive inputs for farmers.

We need to urgently ensure that animals are raised in humane, sustainable systems that gives everyone the right to high-quality food that has been humanely reared and gives every farmed animal a good life.

Sadly, time is running out to put a stop to the rapid increase of UK factory farms. We need as many signatures as possible to show the UK government that the public demands an end to the building and expansion of existing factory farms in the UK.

We must act now before it’s too late. Sign our petition to the UK government and let them know that there is no future for factory farming.

We’re going to end UK factory farming. Help make this happen.


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