No Future for Factory Farming

Right now, here in the UK, factory farming is inflicting untold misery on billions of animals. 

The UK government claims its welfare standards protect animals from cruelty. But those standards allow the extreme suffering of animals on UK factory farms. The terrible reality of cages and pens remains hidden out of sight, behind closed doors. Our investigators reveal the shameful truth behind the facade. 

Pigs living their whole life in barren, cramped conditions, and mother pigs caged so they can’t even turn around to see their piglets. Fish endlessly swimming in circles, eaten alive by lice. Chickens squashed together and forced to sit in their own waste, day after day.

And factory farming isn’t just bad for animals, it’s an existential threat to people and the planet too.

Factory farms are the ideal breeding ground for the next global pandemic. They also drive deforestation and environmental destruction, fuelling our climate crisis. 

The government claims it wants to protect animal welfare. The way to do that is clear. It must prevent the building of new factory farms and end the expansion of existing ones.

Sign our petition to the UK government and demand no more factory farms in our campaign No Future for Factory Farming.

Together, we can be the generation that finally ends factory farming. The generation that finally says no to scenes like this.

This is the footage our investigators have captured from inside the country’s factory farms – it exposes the lie we’re being told about the food we eat. 

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WARNING: This clip displays some deeply distressing scenes.