Make a difference. Be a Real Responsible Traveller.

Responsible travel is becoming an increasingly popular term in the travel industry, encompassing critical issues like carbon emissions, the environment (also known as 'ecotourism') and cultural sensitivity. While these topics are very important, one crucial issue is often overlooked: wildlife exploitation.

The global tourism industry is responsible for hundreds of thousands of wild animals held in captivity, away from their natural habitats and subjected to daily abuse for tourists’ entertainment. These wildlife attractions drive significant profit for the industry, estimating to make up 20-40% of global tourism.

As consumers and travellers, we have the power to make a significant impact on reducing the exploitation of wild animals in tourism through our choices and actions.

Our mission is to ensure travellers have all the facts to make an informed decision before booking their next holiday, but most importantly, to be the generation to end captive wildlife entertainment for good.

Be part of the change and add your voice.

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