Factory Farm Alert Network

The UK government is using your tax money to fund animal cruelty. 

Our government claims its welfare standards protect animals from cruelty, yet it invests millions of pounds in development banks that provide loans to build or expand factory farms abroad. 

To make a quick profit, these vast farms force animals to endure a lifetime of suffering in cramped and filthy conditions; pigs living their entire lives in barren, cramped conditions, and mother pigs caged so they can’t even turn around to see their piglets. Chickens squashed together and forced to sit in their own waste, day after day. The terrible reality of cages and pens remains hidden out of sight, behind closed doors. 

Using UK taxpayers’ money to fund animal cruelty is unacceptable. We pride ourselves on being a nation of pet lovers and aspire to have the highest food welfare standards. But right now, our government is investing in appalling animal suffering.  

Factory farming isn’t just horrific for animals, it’s an existential threat to people and the planet too. Factory farms drive deforestation, environmental destruction, and biodiversity loss – all things that are fuelling our climate crisis.  

When the next factory farm is proposed, we’ll need to act fast to block it to show the UK government it must invest better for animals, our money, and the planet.