Expose TUI and dolphin cruelty - Blow the whistle!

As a valued member of the TUI team, you have the unique opportunity to bring joy and happiness to people's lives through unforgettable holidays.

But there is an unsettling aspect to your business – the involvement of captive dolphins in your entertainment offerings.

TUI markets dolphin experiences as innocent family fun, presenting them as enjoyable for both spectators and dolphins. But the reality is distressing. These dolphins are often made to perform tricks in exchange for food, confined to tanks that are a fraction of their natural habitats. Their captivity leads to visible signs of stress, like grinding their teeth against the tanks.

If these revelations trouble you, take a courageous step as an anonymous whistle-blower to shed light on TUI's promotion of exploitative captive dolphin entertainment. Whether you work as a travel agent, holiday representative, or in any other role, we urge you to speak up against this cruelty.

By becoming an anonymous whistle-blower, you can be the voice for these defenceless dolphins, igniting transformative change within TUI and the travel industry.

Together, let's create a future where these magnificent creatures are celebrated in their natural habitats, free from exploitation.