Tell your new MP to make a change for animals

A new UK government is in place, but the future of millions of animals is still at stake - will you stand up for them? 

The choices made by the new Labour government will significantly affect animal welfare, the environment, and the health and well-being of us all. They have a huge mandate for change and we now need to see them implement policies to protect animals from cruelty and suffering.

In the first 100 days in office, we're calling on MPs to: 

1. Finally introduce a Bill to ban imports of cruel hunting trophies into the UK. 

2. Launch the consultation on the Low-Welfare Activities Abroad Act which could ban the sale of activities abroad including dolphin entertainment and elephant experiences. 

3. Reset our food strategy and start to build a new, resilient, humane and sustainable food system which secures a just transition for farmers.

With a new government and newly elected MPs, we cannot miss this opportunity to rewrite the rules and form relationships with politicians who will hopefully work with us to protect animals from cruelty and suffering. 

We need you to send a pre-written email to your MP and urge the government to take ambitious action for animals, the environment and the planet. This will show those representing you, that millions of people across the country care about animals and are demanding tougher laws and a better, kinder world for animals.  

Will you take 30 seconds to message your new MP? 

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