Is your bank investing in animal cruelty?

By not having a dedicated animal welfare policy, your bank could be betraying your trust and values by investing your money in unspeakably cruel, industrial scale factory farming.

Factory farming is the biggest threat animals face, inflicting terrible cruelty on billions of animals across the world. It is also an existential threat to people and the planet: factory farms are a dangerous breeding ground for the next global pandemic, and drive environmental destruction, fueling our climate crisis.

Our Banking on Welfare report ranks ten of the UK’s biggest banks on their animal welfare policies. This helps highlight the risk of them investing in industries known for cruelty and poor animal welfare – from fashion to show business. But it is on factory farming that we’re applying the greatest pressure for change.

The financial sector has a lot of leverage over the companies they finance. That’s why we are asking for banks to have a dedicated animal welfare policy. Your money matters for animals.

Take action now. Find out if your bank is investing in factory farming.